A study and an operational guide on displacement caused by urban development projects in Haiti.

Study on project-induced involuntary displacement

This study attempts to shed light on the issue of involuntary displacement and resettlement induced by urban development projects in Haiti. The study includes an inventory of framework instruments, presenting the international framework for the protection and assistance of IDPs, framework documents produced by International Financial Institutions and Development Banks since the 1980s, and relevant elements of the Haitian legal framework.

This study is complemented by an operational guide that details the necessary steps for developing a resettlement plan. This guide is intended to help operators define resettlement projects, guiding the reader through seven key steps.

This study was carried out for the Haitian government – Unité de Construction de Logements et de Bâtiments Publics (UCLBP) supported by CARE and American
Red Cross.

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