Co-creation and design of the show "Mutirão" with Lagoa Colectivo at Culturgest

Mutirão is a show about houses, refugees, disasters and exile.

Mutirão is a collaborative artistic gathering designed to create a show for people of all ages, an open event taking place in a garden, as we build and dismantle a house-stage, recycling the waste products of the host institution. It is a hands-on artistic action-reflection, based on an interdisciplinary relationship between dance and architecture. The dancers also build the house and the audience are challenged to join in the work of this first collaborative creation of the Lagoa collective, inventing an aesthetics through their affective involvement in this communal building process.

In collaboration with Lagoa Coletivo. The show has been performed from 3 June to 1 July 2017 in Fundação CGD – Culturgest.


–      Lagoa Coletivo


–      Culturgest


–      2017