Long Term Impact Evaluation of a T-Shelters Project in Haiti

Five years after their construction, this evaluation has reviewed three main areas of the 1050 T-Shelters project: current shelters and school use and conditions; T-shelter modifications and durability; the long-term impacts for beneficiaries and communities.


–      Handicap International


–      2016

One of the main findings to emerge from our fieldwork is that 80% of the 206 T-shelters visited are still being lived in by their original occupants on their initial site, with this situation being more common among landowners and usufruct beneficiaries than among tenants. A second key finding is that 77% of the T-shelters show no signs of major damage. Modifications to the T-shelter are common as few shelters visited are still as originally built.

 The project has had significant long-term positive impacts on the beneficiaries as, five years after their construction, the vast majority of the T-shelters are still guaranteeing the physical security of people and their belongings and are continuing to provide security of tenure.